Impression Motorhome Park Toppark ’t Hulsbeek

RV Park

Located on the western edge of leisure park ‘Het Hulsbeek’ on the Reininksweg.

With an area of 1.5 acres, there is room for 50 RVs.

The winding road through the park with spacious stepping areas on either side offers a playful arrangement with plenty of privacy.


A unique location if you are looking for breathtaking scenery and tranquility.

And in addition, plenty of choices of active experiences and culinary pampering. No obligations, you decide.


All facilities at your fingertips.

Each pitch an electricity column.

General sanitary unit and private sanitary units with shower, sink and toilet.

Sani-plateau for discharge of dirty water, intake of fresh water and emptying of cassette toilet.

Environmental island for waste separation.

Leisure park

Leisure Park ‘Het Hulsbeek’ has an area of 230 hectares. On the one hand, the constructed recreational lakes (swimming, surfing, sup and fishing ponds) with recreational meadows and a skateboard track, and on the other hand, the original forestation and heathland.

The route to the RV park through the leisure park is wonderfully beautiful; one feels as if one is abroad.

Facilities camper park Toppark ’t Hulsbeek


After payment, one receives the Topparks smart card and a receipt. This allows access to the RV park and facilities. The ATM is compatible with the most commonly used bank cards (Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and V-pay).

Check out on the day of departure until 2:00 pm.


The entrance to the park (entrance and exit) is equipped with a barrier. It is operated with the Topparks smart card.

Electricity columns (16 Amp)

One electricity column is available per pitch. These are fed by 4 central columns on which one can dial the number of the electricity column.

Sanitary Unit

The unit is equipped with 5 shower facilities and 4 separately accessible toilets. There is an outside dishwashing facility. Also, the unit contains a washer and dryer.
Access with the Topparks smart card.

Private bathroom unit

2 units equipped with shower facilities, sink and toilet.

Dump cassette toilet

In a hygienic and environmentally responsible manner, the cassette toilet can be emptied. Attention: the cassette should not contain cleaning wipes (wetties). Both manual and fully automatic units (Camperclean) are available. The cassette is cleaned and the contents discharged to the sewer via a pumping system.

Sanitary column fresh water

The camper can be supplied with fresh water there.

Sani plateau

The plateau offers space for 2 campers (60 M²). The contents of the holding tank can be discharged there and fresh water taken in. Discharge is carried out in a hygienically and environmentally sound manner. The dirty water (gray water) is discharged directly through the pumping system and does not enter the environment.

Environment Island

Separating waste responsibly in designated environmental containers; glass, paper and residual waste.

Lighting service areas

All service areas are equipped with lighting.

Orientation Lighting

Lighting is distributed throughout the park for a safe stay.

Camera security

The RV park is equipped with camera security. The facility meets privacy guidelines and supports your safe stay.


Reception at 60% of RV sites. Also 4G coverage throughout the park.


Your pet clean into the motorhome.


WiFi coverage is available throughout the RV park. The login information is listed on the receipt.

Sandwich service Sunday

Ordered Saturday afternoon and delivered to your RV between 8:00 and 8:30 Sunday morning.


On the east side of the RV park a walkway to a natural pool with its own dock. Great for swimming and supping.

SOS access and AED

In case of emergency, emergency services can open the barrier with their own transmitter. An AED is also available at the park.

Impression Leisure Park ’Het Hulsbeek’

Various beaches

Leisure Park ‘Het Hulsbeek’ contains a wide range of amenities.

Sunbathe on the beaches and sunbathing lawns and swim in the various ponds.

Suppen, surf or canoe.

Fish in the designated fishing ponds.

Leisure Park


The Leisure Park offers a wide range of activities. Go karting or take an adventure program at Outdoor Challenge park or AvaTarz Nature park.

Hiking, for which several hiking trails have been established by the Twente Hiking Network.

Cycling or biking along vast routes and trails.

And in fine weather, end the day with a barbecue in the specially designated areas on the sunbathing lawns.

Leisure Park


No sense in cooking!

There are several dining options within walking distance.

Pancake restaurant Klein Afrika, Het Buitenhuis, Werelds restaurant PAN, Erve Hulsbeek and Carte Blanche 99.

Leisure Park


No need for activities for a while! Then relax in the beautiful wellness center Sauna Saré.

Located in an oasis of tranquility where you will experience what Twente hospitality and conviviality means.

Sauna Sare

Info – Guidelines

RV Park

Check in

  • Check in with the ATM. Type in: number of days, number of adults, number of children, additional amount then checkout. The ATM will issue the Topparks smart card and a receipt.
  • Check-in time on the day of arrival is flexible.

Check out

  • Check-out time
    on the day of departure until 2 p.m.
  • Checking out using the ATM. First, leave the RV park through the barrier and then checking out. The smart card is taken by the machine.
  • Deposit and remainder of additional amount. These amounts are automatically refunded after departure. It takes several days for it to show up in your bank account.

Topparks smart card

  • Additional amount. Your smart card additional amount allows you to shower, draw electricity, take in fresh water and have cassette toilet cleaned automatically.
  • Extend stay. The ATM can be used to extend the stay by several days.
  • Increase additional amount. The ATM can be used to increase the additional amount.

Cleaning chemical toilet

  • Attention:

    Dumping cleaning wipes (wetties) is expressly prohibited, both with the manual unit and the dispenser. The wipes cause machine failure and sewer blockages. However, these are allowed in the environmental container.

Sunday sandwich service

  • There are order forms for German sandwiches at the pay machine. The forms will be collected Saturday afternoon. On Sunday mornings, sandwiches are delivered between 8:00 and 8:30. These will be waiting for you in the bookcase at check-in.

RV spot


  • Length. The RV has a paved surface and offers space for a camper of up to 12 meters in length.
  • Parking. At most RV sites, by parking backwards, the RV awning faces the grass strip of your RV site.

Grass strip

  • Pubtent/Tent. Each RV spot has its own grassy strip. It is permitted to set up a pub tent/tent here.


  • Accommodation. The stay of dogs is allowed, if leashed and under control. At Leisure park ‘Het Hulsbeek’ there are plenty of opportunities to walk dogs.


  • Gas/electric. To limit inconvenience to other guests, only electric or gas barbecue is allowed. Leisure Park ‘Het Hulsbeek’ has several barbecue areas where charcoal/coal firing is also allowed. Some are covered.

Open fire or fireworks

  • Fire basket:
    The use of a fire basket is permitted only after consultation with and permission of the manager.

  • Open Fire:

    Open fire is prohibited at all times.

  • Fireworks:

    The setting off of fireworks is prohibited at all times.

Accommodation expenses

Rates as of Jan. 1, 2023

StayPer night
Low season January 1, 2023 to March 31, 2023€ 19,– (Camper and 2 adults)
High season April 1, 2023 to September 30, 2023 € 21,– (Camper and 2 adults)
Low season October 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024€ 19,– (Camper and 2 adults)
Extra adult€ 5,- per adult
Child under 16 years of age€ 2.50 per child
Dogs (if leashed)Free

* Rates are indicative. No rights can be derived from it.

* Rates exclude tourist tax and include 9% VAT

Energy Column€ 0.75 per kWh
Intake of drinking water€ 1,– per 100 liters
Private bathroom unit with shower and toilet € 12,50 per day
Shower € 0.30 per minute
Washer and dryer€ 5.– wash program
€ 3,– drying
Manual emptying cassette toiletFree
Fully automatic cassette toilet emptying and cleaning (Camperclean)€ 2,50
Discharge of wastewaterFree
Access facilities at the leisure park, including the swimming pondsFree (saving parking fees high season €11 and low season €5)

10% discount with your Topparks Smartcard


Receive a 10% discount on spending at the facilities pictured at leisure park ‘t Hulsbeek and surroundings.

Outdoor Challenge park -Nature, together, moving. Summer and winter, sun and rain, everything has its charm. There is a wonderful adventure for every budget.

Restaurant PAN -Enjoy all kinds of delicious dishes from various world cuisines! You pay in advance and not for what you eat, but for 2.5 hours of extended enjoyment. unlimited 2.5 hours.

Restaurant Klein Afrika -Experience a piece of Africa in your own country. In the pancake restaurant, you will feel the atmosphere of a real African lodge. With a playground for children and access to a small and special animal park.

Floor plans

Plan CP


  • 50 pitches, camper length up to 12 meters
  • gate to be opened with smart card
  • electrical columns, 16amp
  • Wifi
  • kiosk
  • sanitary unit, showers – toilets – washer – dryer
  • Private bathroom units
  • saniplate
  • cleaning cassette toilet, automatic or manual
  • wash unit dogs
  • environment island, glass – paper – residual waste
  • jetty, supping – swimming
  • camera security
  • SOS access and AED

Plan leisure park

Location ‘Toppark ‘t Hulsbeek’ (yellow balloon)

Leisure park amenities:

  • eateries
  • wellness (sauna)
  • beaches and swimming ponds
  • paddling pool
  • fishing ponds
  • hiking trails
  • jogging track
  • outdoor challenge course
  • karting track
  • cycling track
  • cycling routes
  • biker routes
  • equestrian center
  • dog field and off-leash routes

Route to the RV park


Address information:
Reininksweg 12 b
7562 PJ, Deurningen

Longitude: E 6.87888 (6° 52′ 44″ )
Latitude: N 52.30179 (52° 18′ 6″)

Made possible in part by the province of Overijssel